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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 12, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PST

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ports -- to provide the information to the ports. we talked to many truckers this morning and a lot of truckers are split on this issue. we're live there once again from down on the scene of the protesters i was look at more reports coming in from the west coast the international long chairman, they say they do not support this, this will hurt the incomes of those involved in the 99%. so again, this is an ongoing debate about whether it is -- whether it is the $99 or the 100. >> and now by see the officers
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march else. it looks like they are moving into another part of the fir. they will marching in formation. okay. you know that that he are all communicating by radio or cash cash i know they were sold because they don't do anything without being told. they are going back to the staging area and then they will regroup and take moo more action -- and take more action. and they are still pretty much in front ferp these piers. >> right. i was hearing protesters say the protesters cheered as the officers moved away and i -- i wonder if they see this as a sign that they -- we don't nope
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where they went and -- don't know where any were and -- they seem very relaxed. it look -- it looks like they are ready to take action at any moment. >> yeah, one is taking is off his gears. >> there's still quite a few protesters ming. ing around. i do also want to mention there are occupy groups planning blockades. and there are other protests planned for later in the day here in oakland. i believe there should be a rally happening at frank ogawa plaza later this afternoon. >> san jose. >> right. exactly. and then also another march, tara had mentioned that the protesters want to come down and shut down the port in the afternoon for the yafern shift -- afternoon shift. >> you know, tori and dave,
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having cornered stories, sometimes there are delays having nothing to do with protests, you can imagine whether a if -- if must be very frustrating to be in line knowing they haven't started taking trucks in. something they really do very early in the morning. even if the -- the protesters say, this inconvenience really is worth it to get their points across. >> we're actually inviting the viewers to make comments and say how they feel about this on our ktvu morning -- morning news team. on our facebook. we've had quite a few comments coming in about that. expressing both sides of the debate here. we've been following this since 4:30 this morning.
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the fro testers started to gather at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station at 5:30 and marched a mile to the port of oakland which the two main intranses have been blocked by protesters. there's too areas. so we have to kind on aon things -- to keep an eye on things. >> i'm wondering if the truck drivers are staying inside their trucks. or if he are -- or if any are getting out or plingling. >> police are lined up again here. >> yes. >> in is a new shot that we have where police are lined up obviously making sure the protesters don't enter the port and cause any problems there and staying on the side. there is quite a bit of security at theport of oakland. each of the berths don't by the
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if -- >> we do have kraig debro. kraig if you can here me. what -- are the truck drivers staying in the trucks? getting out? are they doing anything? saying anything? >> reporter: there's a big difference between now and theport of oakland. behind me you can see there's one truck there that might be a couple of centers in the -- actually, no. it's deceiving. it looks like there could be a line of trucks but there's actually maybe three, maybe four. let's go past the entrance to the berths. there's basically like ten trucks out here which is in stark contrast. even when we got down here at 7:00. a lot of people straightening
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up. there are a group of lodge more shan and they drive in their personal cars and they -- they waited to see that every -- that they are not going to cross the piggette lime. the -- the leaders of the local unions have said they don't support the decades of this support. the rank and time has said they will not -- file has said they will not cross the picket line. once they determined that was not gonna happen, they got out of here right away. you can see there's quite a few people here. i was criticized earlier for someone in the crowd saying at least a hundred people. there's at least a hundred people and you can see for yourself and judge for yourself how many more that is. >> look to the left there. there is a riot county sheriff's deputy, behad -- we
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had believed as late as 20 minutes ago, there might be police action, we observed police in i rut -- police in riot gear moving from the slow north to the east. we thought there was gonna if. >> we oned right down there. the observation seems -- at least the chan very rapidly and instead of what we have is that alameda county sheriff dues in garrett -- sheriff in riot gear. i know once you try to move in past the gate, that's definitely land that police are trying to keep the protesters away from. they have done that successfully so far? >> all right. kraig debro, live for us. a story we've been covering
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this morning. we've gone beyond our extended time on "mornings on 2". we wanted to keep you poeted on this, as -- posted on this as police are still standing there at one of the gates and protesters on the outside are making no attempt to cross in. we're going to keep an eye on this. we're gonna stay han eye on this -- and stay on this. we'll come back on the air if anything happens. we want to thank you for watching ktvu and hope you have a great day. there's no neighborly love between these two ladies. an argument escalates to an attack with pepper spray. hear the messy situation that led to the fight, and why their neighbors weren't surprised. >> they're used to this. >> yeah. >> this happens all the time. and look at the size of this tree. no wonder it's fit for our nation's capital. wait until you see this festive fir when it's all lit up.
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the hurricane winds in scotland picked up and caused some things to come tumbling down. see how one lady was swept off her feet. ♪
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welcome back to the show. but don't forget to check in at great video, all day long. >> you know the phrase -- love thy neighbor, right? >> sure. >> well, this is pretty much the opposite. we saw this story on kens 5 in texas. and candace smith and her neighbor have got some beef. according to her, about three years ago, her neighbor started sweeping dog poop into her yard. >> that's not very neighborly. >> and on tuesday, candace,
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noticed the poop, went out with her broom and started sweeping the poop out into the street. that's when her neighbor came out with her own broom and watch what she does next, pepper-sprays her. according to candace, she immediately begins choking and throwing up. apparently there have been a number of altercations between these neighbors. and -- >> there was cop cars and fire trucks and everything out here. but i just assumed it was something between them because there's cops out here at least probably once a week, if not more. >> can you tell by the statement that they're used to this. this happens all the time. >> after this incident, candace showed the police the video of security camera footage of her getting pepper-sprayed. and the police ended up arresting the neighbor. letitia rodriguez. candace said she's fed up and is putting her house up for sale.
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>> good luck selling the house, now that the news did a story of how terrible her neighbor is. hybrid technology is what everybody wants to see in new cars. super-cheap gas, cheap ways to get around. the scientists over at eppi bird figured it out. >> it's a popular online science youtube channel and they've used the old method of coke zero and mentos. you drop the candy in the soda bottle and it goes crazy. these guys decided to turn the pressure into fuel. they used 54 bottles of coke. 324 mentos mints and they built this contraption, the rocket car mach ii. >> this is awesome. >> all the white tubes are pit tube and the gas goes from the soda bottle up into each tube, and pushes a piston against a wall that they're holding behind them. 3-2-1 and off they go.
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[ laughter ] >> wow! >> it actually worked. how did they drop the mentos in. >> there goes the mints, they all go off at once. that creates the gas reaction. and look at the pistons pushing out against the wall. >> wow. that's cool, that stuff exploded out of the back of that thing. >> they went 209 feet. the initial reaction gives them a six-foot shove. and that's how they get the car going. the rest of it is just coasting down the track. >> basically what you're telling me is we're not going to see coke zero/mentos stations any time soon. >> it's in the early stages. >> it's in development. a lot more r&d to go. it's a tradition at the u.s. capitol, that every year the speaker of the house hosts the tree lighting ceremony.
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our speaker of the house, john boehner, uploaded this video of this year's christmas tree being set up. and you can see, it takes a lot of people, a big crane and some spectators to put it together. the tree is a sierra white fir from the stanislaus national forest in california. it's abou feet tall and 118 years old. guess how much it weighs? 83,000 pounds. >> that's more than i was going to guess. >> 3-2-1 -- [ cheers and applause ] >> and it is also traditional that a child that you can see there, is chosen from the state where the tree came from, to be the official lighter of the tree. >> the plugger-inner? >> the plugger-inner of the tree. >> how much cooler would it be if they just told the kid to
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just use the clapper on the christmas tree. wouldn't that be fun? >> you're in the '90s. next time on "right this minute" -- ah, those terrible twos. >> oh, the cat twos? >> he found the mother lode and he threw all of it. >> that's next time on "right this minute." last week, this video asked "rtm" viewers -- >> if they believed that men and women can be just friends. >> we were flooded with responses. but -- >> where are the men? >> it's just a question that's easier to avoid. meet daniel the cat. daniel has a whole lot of toes. >> we're so overwhelmed, it's just -- i can't even find words sometimes to talk about it. >> it's not daniel's toes that are overwhelming, but how
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we've all got pets and hanging out with your pet can be comforting and relaxing. >> are we talking like cat yoga? >> cat yoga. ♪ ♪ >> this woman is in her studio, a little swan dive here. toe-touch and kitty wants to get in on the action. how relaxing. to have your beloved pet with you while you go through your motion. and kitty's got some balance. she's in her runner's lunge.
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the kitty jumps on her back and goes for the ride as she goes through her flow, she gets back into downward dog. >> it's downward cat now. >> the cat doesn't seem to mind, he's going through the whole flow with her. >> if the cat doesn't fall off, you're doing it right. >> the cat doesn't seem to be scratching her or digging in. along for the ride. >> the she's doing the toe-touch. >> and the cat is sitting on her butt. >> if she's going to fall? >> she doesn't fall. >> those darn cats. i got boob cancer ♪ ♪ i got boob cancer >> when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. this woman did just that, she's 33-year-old michelle ward and she's a career coach. she got bad news, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. her thought was how am i going to tell this bad news. here's how she made lemonade with the lemons that she received from her doctor.
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♪ but i'm going to give it a kick ♪ ♪ so lady ♪ i got boob cancer >> is that how you told everybody? >> it's not how i told everyone. actually my family told me because the breast surgeon that we went to is actually a personal connection to my mother. they were all -- give her the bad news by telephone and they're saying we're calling to give you horrible news because we love you. when it came to the point where i knew i was going to have to say something online i kind of took it upon myself to say how do i want to set the tone for this thing and how do i want to tell people what's going on. i sat down and wrote it in about an hour and it's been a whirlwind ever since. >> this is a tough topic. why did you choose to tackle it in this way? >> i think it's just part of my hippie-dippy life coachingness and my optimistic attitude and point of view. i'm all about semantics and i felt like even saying to people, i felt a lump in my breast or i have breast cancer, just those phrases invoke that fear and that panic. so i figured if i had to talk
9:22 am
about this, this is how i wanted to approach it. i literally just got the phone call from my doctor, saying that they actually put me from stage ii cancer to stage i cancer, which i didn't even know could happen and that my lymph nodes are all clear and that there might not have to be any cmo involved, jus radiation and a pil so we're crossingfi i'll be abl more information and be able to figure out what the treatment in the next few months would be like. >> will we list ton a song of yours about your speedy recovery soon? >> i'll put a dance beat to it it will be hot in all the clubs, it will be working it. [ laughter ] as we get ready, the video of the two young film makers, jesse bud and romero, they went around their campus, asking their fellow students -- >> if they believed men and
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women can be just friends. >> we mosted this story on our facebook page and within hours we had so many comments. with the exception of just one guy, it was all women commenting. where are the men? >> it's just a question that's easier to avoid. >> because you say, you answer and say, no, you look like a jerk. >> so that's the manley thing to do, avoid, avoid, and avoid. and deny, deny. >> one guy that did answer, it depends on the circumstances where they met. >> a perfectly ambiguous answer. well done, eddie. >> that was it. the rest were women commenting. what are the other comments? >> bailey says i'm a tom boy, and i prefer the company of men over women. >> i like robin who says, once you cross that line, you can't go back. the thoughts are always there. >> missy smith said i'm a very firm believer that you can, but it depends on the past circumstances. of the ongoing relationship.
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so -- maybe whether or not you're married or you had a girlfriend or something like that. i think that all comes into play. >> so why did these guys respond? >> that's what i want to know. i really want to hear from the men. so -- head on over to our facebook page,"right this minute" and let us know why you men don't think or do think that men and women can be friends. around the holidays, it's always nice to have help putting up your christmas tree. oskar is helping this time and oskar is a blind kitten. and he's got a whole youtube web channel dedicated to his activity. he's only about seven months old right now. about nine pounds, but he was born blind. and this is oskar just having a grand time with the christmas tree. there's no way this tree is actually ever going to get set up. he just won't leave the tree alone. >> yeah, they can put it up, but they probably shouldn't put any ornaments on it because they're hitting the ground. >> oskar is pretty stinking cute. he gets around seemingly just fine.
9:25 am
despite his blindness. oskar got tired helping set up the christmas tree. he took a break, the tree got set up. but -- oh, man. >> yeah, it didn't last very long. >> did she not see that coming? really? >> he's literally in the tree, he's off the ground. >> oskar has been such a huge internet sensation, that you can buy oskar the blind cat merchandise. >> what is it with kittens and people on the internet? >> think about all the time that is spent looking at cats on the internet. >> if you guys are looking for a gift for me, one of my suggestions is not any oskar merchandise. that you cross that off your idea list. i want you to take a look at this this is adorable. this was a viewer submission. >> i love viewer-submitted videos. >> this is a little 15-month-old jaden. look at him getting down to lmfao's song, "sexy and i know it."
9:26 am
♪ ♪ >> he's got hip taste and it's a fun video to watch and he dances for quite a while. we can't show the whole video, but viewers can go to to see him getting his groove on. a woman is beaten and kicked in the street by a gang of women. but it's the punishment the judge handed down that some say is the real crime. and, it's a panda's first snow at the san diego zoo. >> it snowed in san diego? >> not quite. >> hear how the winter wonderland made it to southern california.
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hello, everybody, i'm beth trout marn and it's time for more great videos and stories right now on "right this minute." >> i can't believe you [ bleep ] shot me! >> iphone video captures a man being shot. and cops say the suspect?
9:29 am
his former mother-in-law. do you notice anything a little freaky about this feline? >> he has 26 toes. >> we'll see how this rescue cat is now rescuing other animals. what in the world is that guy doing? >> playing "smoke on the water" by deep purple and there's fire coming out of his guitar. >> we will attempt to explain this, and we wl fail. sometimes you're walking dowthe street and you if. >> if you left some disposable cameras sitting around. you'll see the amazing answer. we begin this half hour of our show with some cctv footage that was just released. i'm going to warn you, this is really chilling video. the two people you see, that's raya page and her boyfriend, lewis moore. and suddenly you see this gang of women come up and just start attacking this couple. reports say these young women
9:30 am
were yelling at this couple and basically calling the woman a white slag. and they just start taking her down. and kicking her while she's down. and you see her boyfriend, lewis moore, try to fight these women off. >> the police arrive and at first, the police don't know what's going on. and then they start realizing what has happened. these four women, three of them were sisters, the other one was their cousin. raya was taken to the hospital after this incident and she had lots of bruises to her body. and they had pulled an entire chunk of her hair. one of the reasons why these women aren't moving so well, they were drinking. here is the real situation. this incident happened in the summer of 2010. but the video was just released last week. and it's because raya page, the woman who gets attacked, wanted people to see how brutal this beating was. because these four women, all between the ages of 24 and 28,
9:31 am
were just given suspended jail sentences. and 150 hours of unpaid work. which basically means community service. and raya page, of course, is incredibly disturbed by this sentencing. that they received. a suspended sentence. they're not even going to jail for this. and here's the reason why. the lawyers in this case argued that these women didn't know how to handle their alcohol, because they're muslim and they don't drink. because of their religion. so therefore, they didn't know how to handle being drunk. >> if i shoot somebody in the face because i don't know how to handle a gun, like these people don't know how to handle their alcohol -- i don't expect to be let off and given community service. guys, i got some crazy iphone video coming out of boca raton, florida, we first heard about this on we got the video from the smoking gun. this guy captures himself being
9:32 am
shot on his own iphone. oh, oh! i can't believe i'm a dead guy. >> 39-year-old salvatore was waging a bitter custody battle with his wife, vicky. he goes to his mother-in-law's house to pick up his 3-year-old child and he was expecting a confrontation with her. so he starts recording on his cell phone. he refused to go inside the house. he wanted her to come out. as she comes out, you hear a scuffle and gunshots. [ gunshots ] >> oh, no, oh, no, i can't believe i'm a dead guy! >> the woman accused of pulling the trigger is sheryl helpner, salvatore's mother-in-law, she's 66 years old. "right this minute" discovered a court records that shows a history of domestic violence in 2009, salvatore's wife, vicky, made allegations of domest iic
9:33 am
abuse according to broward county court records and his mother, sheryl, accused him of repeat domestic violence. it sounds like he gets out of the car maybe to talk to her. that's when the gun goes off. and you hear her yell -- [ bleep ]. >> i can't believe you shot me. >> get off me. >> i can't believe you [ bleep ] shot me. >> get off me! get off me! >> you shot me! >> the 911 calls tell two very different stories. >> 911, someone just shot at me. and he's going to say i did this and i didn't. he's such a [ bleep ]. >> 911, what's the address of your emergency? >> she just [ bleep ] shot me. >> this video shows him on the way to the hospital with gunshot wounds to his shoulder and rib cage. he was treated at the hospital and released. sheryl help ner is charged with attempted first-degree murder and is being held without bond right now.
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last week hurricane freedholm devastated scotland with powerful, powerful winds. it left people without electricity in many places. let's refer to it as it's common name, hurricane bobag. let's go straight to the video and the chaos it's causing this video was taken from what appears to be public transportation out on to the streets. you're wondering what exactly are they taping. >> whoa! >> the winds are so strong that this person, which the video says was an old woman, could not control herself. >> and it eventually ended up toppling her over. >> it looks like like she was just running real fast. >> the person taking the video thought it was really funny. but i don't think it's funny at all. this is an old person that could have got hurt. >> finally people helped her and got her some aid. >> it's incredible to see how
9:35 am
many people are laughing. people behind the camerand a showing people's faces. >> they wouldn't be laughing if that was their grandma. >> exactly. and now let's head over to the san diego zoo. where momma bear and her 2-year-old cub are getting to play in the snow for the very first time. >> so it snowed in san diego? >> yes, they had a horrible blizzard caused by the zoo staff. they wanted to create a christmas environment for their zoo animals. and so they brought in some snow and some holiday trees made with bamboo. apparently the trees had edible ornaments made out of fruits and veggies that the pandas can eat. >> it looks like this guy hates the snow. he's like, i'm going to get as far away from this stuff as i can. he's like lounging in the tree. >> trying to get some face time in this camera shot here. he's like, i'm trying to get --
9:36 am
here i am. this is daniel cat. you notice anything different about daniel? >> yeah. a big old paws. >> he has some mitts. >> he has 26 toes. >> whoa! >> the average cat has 18 toes. >> daniel lives at the milwaukee animal rescue center. and his toes are helping them raise money. >> they've asked people for donations. $1 for every toe that daniel has. $26. so far, they've raised more than $80,000. we have amy from the rescue cen. and daniel via skype "right this minute" to tell us more about what they're doing. >> daniel has become your mascot, right? >> that's correct. we didn't intend that from the beginning. but it's definitely turned out that way. >> people are making donations in $26 amounts because of his toes. >> you know, several people have donated $2 a toe. we've had several $10-a-toe donations, which really overwhelmed us. but if people are able to make
9:37 am
that, we're extraordinarily grateful. people can visit us online at >> how does it feel to have such a spokes cat? >> it's been an absolute blessing, we're so overwhelmed. i can't even find words sometimes to talk about it. daniel has done some paintings for us, we put them on ebay and he raised over $500 from his paintings. >> could you have daniel give us a high five, give us a little paw there? >> a little -- [ laughter ] >> wow! trying to fly in a way that's never been done before. >> so how fast are you guys flying? >> the story behind flying in formation. and not star trek, serta trek. >> holy crap. >> i mean -- >> one of those bad local tv commercials you just love to watch.
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you know, i'm sitting here on the set and i'm wondering, hmm, have you been to today? well, you should, you really should. take a look at, there's lots of great videos, just waiting for you to enjoy. so, today,, i really think you should. some of my favorite videos to show you are wing suit
9:41 am
flyers. i pull them up all the time. i ant get enough of these guys. what about a fleet of wing suit flyers? ♪ ♪ >> a bunch of guys pulled this stunt off. 36 wing suit pilots, to fly together in a group. the formation that you guys see is right where this whole group of guys just gets real tight in that diamond. >> how fast are they flying? >> great question, i'm sure we've all got a jillion questions. let's get to justin shorb, the founder of flock university to answer all of our questions, "right this minute." justin, do your best to describe how this all came together? >> before the vertical series came about, the largest vertical formation we had ever done was four people. and we wanted to see how big we can go. >> how fast are you guys flying?
9:42 am
what's the speed? >> the horizontal speed that we're traveling is approximately 120 miles per hour and the vertical speed we're falling is in a formation is around 60 miles per hour. >> we've seen formations sky divers before and that's been going on for a long time. what makes this so much different and so much more difficult? >> well when a sky diver falls through the air, the air above them, directly above them, a normal sky diver is turbulent. we call it a burble in sky diving. if two sky divers were falling next to each other and one floated directly above him. they would fall on top of him and they would collide. so in a wing suit, we're no longer falling straight down. our burbles, instead of being directly above us, is 45 degrees behind us, the vertical formations are possible only if we fly above the person and we're a little bit forward of that person. the moment somebody slides back a little bit into the burble, they're going to fall down and collide with somebody. >> you guys have a particular
9:43 am
number of divers you're trying to do next? >> the next vertical challenge would be 49. in a vertical diamond. you know the saying where there's smoke, there's fire? >> yup. >> this is one example where it is definitely true. guy at this year's burning man playing smoke ining "smoke on deep purple and there's fire is. >> here's the thing about this video. this is at burning man. so we're going to have a lot of questions, but there are no answers. because pretty much anything goes at burning man this guy here holding some giant other torch, don't know. there's a man in gold pants that walks by in the beginning. see there? it's like, what is he doing? with a gold wig? no one knows. >> it doesn't matter. because it's burning man. >> yup. >> that's his roadie. >> his roadie is on his lefthand side. she's cheering and dancing.
9:44 am
>> the roadie on the left-hand side is the one with the fire extinguisher in case everything goes horribly wrong. >> and the pink hat? >> the dolphin in the back? >> no big deal. >> it a land shark actually. >> even if he was that good of guitar player, the flames make you that much better. >> it looks like he's just there to celebrate. he's a lighter, he's got a giant lighter. he could make a "guitar hero" version of this. >> of what, a flame-thrower? >> a great christmas gift. >> that would give us a lot of really good video. time for viral videos from e-bomb's world. >> oh. >> oops, we're not quite ready but we'll get it together in a couple of minutes. and a wonderful holiday video that's one of the most-watched on the web.
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9:46 am
9:47 am
during the holidays.
9:48 am
[ laughter ] >> you have a few videos to share with us today. what have you got in store? >> i got a lot of great videos. let's get into them. first video i'm going to show you is early christmas present. >> francis, what you doing? >> leave me alone. >> francis, you want to come up with an early christmas present? >> yeah, i do! >> oh, my goodness. >> did you show me my little pony stuff? >> oh, my god, it's luke! it's luke saber! >> oh, my god, it's waders! >> oh no, oh, my god, it's waders. >> holy [ bleep ]! >> francis, leave your brother alone. >> no!
9:49 am
>> that's a low blow. come on. the man's obviously a "star wars" fan and did you see the spectacular christmas lights display. >> is francis' brother okay, do we know? >> i was just tired, it was really late at night when we shot this. don't worry, he's fine. >> what else you got? >> keeping in the holiday spirit, we're going to go with "the dance of the sugarplum fairies" played on glass harp. >> nice. >> beautiful. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that's awesome. >> that's really cool-looking. >> that's some talent with the real crystal. >> i think theypracticed for more than a couple of days. >> i think they probably did that for quite some time. >> it took a little bit.
9:50 am
but i think it would be cooler if they could play that song on that guy's bald head. >> that's the grand finale. everybody likes a good low-budge, local commercial. they're always the best like this one. >> aye captain, you can choose your space with a serta. >> this is dodge furniture in victoria, british columbia, canada. instead of "star trek," it's serta trek. >> dream like you never dreamed before. be board with the serta that's right for you. >> what are these things, anyway? >> they're klingons. >> i like how her blonde hair is coming out of the bad photo-shop job they did here. >> a logical choice. >> live long and sleep. >> holy crap. i mean -- >> that guy has literally -- four words to say. and can you see him looking over at the cue card. he was like -- buy a mattress.
9:51 am
>> and you can't even understand him. what does he say right here? >> captain, you wouldn't be undersold. >> and the other guy says -- chicken saw? >> make it so. >> it doesn't make any sense. >> you know -- the entire commercial doesn't need to make any sense because there is going to get passed around. i love everything about it. their homemade outfits. the ears on this guy -- >> are bright yellow. >> dodge furniture and mattress. >> this is gold, good fun. a simple sign, take a photo. >> i like how they are hiding, taking photos of this going on. >> when we come back, we'll show you what developed. ♪ making your way in the world today ♪
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♪ takes everything you've got ♪ wouldn't you like to get away? ♪
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♪ ♪ sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name ♪ ♪ ♪ you want to be where you can see ♪ ♪ our troubles are all the same ♪ ♪ you want to go where everybody knows your name ♪ ♪
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so you know, a little bit
9:55 am
about music. >> a little. >> you know anything about hip hop beat-making? >> doo, doo doo bump. >> we're talking about hip hop beat, the emphasis is on the two and four beats. whereas in the two and four beats, in rock music it's usually on the one and three. >> emcee lars shows us an example of this on his shirt. [ sounds of hip hop ] ♪ >> isn't that the same beat i just did with my mouth? >> who cares, he's doing it object his shirt. it's an electronic drum machine shirt. he's wearing this thing and making hip hop beats on it. this video is cool, you can pick up the shirt on the sync beat website. $29. sometimes when you're
9:56 am
walking down the street and you wonder what would people do if. elliott and austin put out this disposal cameras they got at the drug store around laguna beach, california, with a sign that says "take a photo." >> it's funny. you see people walk up and look at it, stare at it, try to figure out what's going on here. most people walk right by. >> oh. >> and this guy -- finally took a picture of the beautiful sunset. >> oh, take a picture of her little girl. >> i like how they are hiding, taking photos of this going on. >> right. >> the concept of the whole project is really cool. and it's awesome that these kids came up with this idea. one of them is 18 rand the other one is like 14 years old.
9:57 am
>> aw. >> that's a couple. it's so funny to see now the way that the pictures look with these disposable cameras, because we have digital technology and you look at the grainy photos. >> the girls did a sexy pose by the parking meter. >> i'm glad to see that people took fun pictures and relationship pictures and sunsets and their kids. i think my first fear would be that somebody was going to do something really inappropriate with the cameras. >> no, but it was honest. it was a genuine project. and it was cool to see that moment that all these people captured in the ptos. if you're not already in the holiday spirit, this video will get you there. >> oh, there's no place like home for the holidays ♪ >> t-mobile in the chicagoland area's woodfield mall decided to surprise shoppers with a performance of the classic song "there's no place like home for
9:58 am
the holidays." ♪ for the holidays >> a singing mob. ♪ for the holidays you can't beat home sweet home ♪ >> thanks going to do it for our show, thanks for joining us, we hope you have a fantastic rest of your monday, we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ tomorrow. ♪ ♪ -- captions by vitac -- ♪ ♪
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